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A-1 American Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning provides 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency air conditioning service to make sure the indoors are as comfortable as possible. With the hot summer-time temperatures in Hampton Roads, your AC needs to work hard to keep your home cool! We’ve had near-record temperatures these past two summers and in the months leading up to summer, and there’s nothing to suggest things will get any cooler for us this year.

Remember, A-1 American Services offers air conditioning repair and new A/C installation for all of Hampton Roads and even up into Williamsburg. We have multiple offices across the area so we can get your house very quickly when you need us the most. So if you’re sweating in your home, air conditioning professionals are just a phone call away.

If an air conditioning unit is completely non-responsive, or “dead,” an A-1 American Services air conditioning expert will be happy to walk you through the process of picking the right unit for your home. Installing a new air conditioning system will surely bring relief from the baking sun!

How Cold Can Air Conditioning Get?

Regardless of the outdoor temperature, a new central air system can easily cool your entire Norfolk Va home. A window unit has the same cooling capacity when it’s placed in a small room with the door shut. However, it may only reduce the temperature slightly if you use it to cool an entire apartment, house or condo unit. On the hottest days of summer though, how well can your unit(s) function? Our Blog On Air Conditioning explains this. Just click the link.

A-1 American Services’ Experience

Trust our certified air conditioning experts to handle all of your AC repair needs. They have the knowledge, experience, and an “outside-the-box” kind of creativity to finish any job to your satisfaction. Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover work done by an uncertified technician, so take comfort in the fact that all our plumbers are, in fact, certified. We work on all types and models of AC units, but even the costliest of AC systems needs to be expertly installed or repaired to insure their highest energy efficiency.

A Quick, Tidy Process

Some contractors manage to drag their projects on for days and days after it should have been completed. Not at A-1 American Services! Partially due to our technicians’ in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of your heating system, partially due to our technicians’ experience in the field, and partially due to their ethic of hard work, new installations and repairs by A-1 American Services are completed at a very quick rate, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Besides making sure all of our work is completed quickly and efficiently, A-1 American Services also prides itself on making sure the work space is perfectly clean when we leave it. This includes removing the equipment used, the materials used, the replaced material, and any debris created while working. Our technicians also maintain a smoke-free work space.

Preventative Maintenance

As winter crawls into spring, it may be a good time to consider a little bit of preventative maintenance, too. After all, the worst time for the AC unit to break is during the summer, so plan ahead this year and contact us before the thermometers start to climb in those early summer months.  A-1 American provides air conditioning Repair and new equipment installation to homes and businesses in the Hampton Roads Virginia cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, and north into Williamsburg.

For tips on preventative maintenance you can do yourself year-round click on the link to our blog Maintenance Tips for HVAC.

A New HVAC System Could Boost Your Home’s Value

As with any remodeling job, it’s best to think of a new HVAC system, such as a new cooling system, as an investment in your home’s value. While you reap the benefits of a comfortable home with a new HVAC system, also take comfort in the knowledge that much of the money spent on the new cooling system may be returned when selling your home, with its fancy, state-of-the-art HVAC system. Click the link to read more about how A New HVAC System Could Boost Your Home’s Value.

A-1 American offers:

You need the skilled AC Repair technicians from A-1 American!
24 Hour 7 Day a Week Emergency Cooling Service
(757) 425-2400

Proper Cooling is a Basic Human Need – The Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

The human body can only take so much heat exposure. After a certain point, our bodies simply shut down. Anyone can be at risk for heat exhaustion; not just the elderly or those participating in high-performance tasks out in the sun. Heat exhaustion shows itself through the following symptoms:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Dilated pupils
  • Muscle cramps
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and/or vomiting

If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, it’s important to take quick action! First, get them or yourself out of the sun. Shaded areas are generally 15 degrees cooler than sunlight areas. Next, plenty of water should be drank. Remove excessive clothing, especially tight or restrictive garments. Have the affected person lie on their back, with their feet elevated. If possible, get them to a cool shower, and if the affected person becomes unconscious, get proper medical attention immediately. Heat exhaustion more often affects those who enjoy exercising out in the sun. To avoid the heat, try working out in the early mornings or later at night, when the sun is at bay.

A Quick History of Air Conditioning

Modern day air conditioning technology actually has its roots in ancient China, where a “Cooling Hall” was first commissioned. It used water-powered fan wheels for its air-conditioning. The next major advancement would be the emergence of the ice industry. Frederic Tudor, a New England businessman, began the ice trade. Ships would collect ice from as far away as Norway, then send it all over the world for food preservation and general comfort in the summertime. The ice industry was dismantled with the invention of modern refrigeration and other cooling techniques.

Today, instead of the eccentric methods used by the Chinese or the labor-intensive worldwide ice trade, homeowners, business owners, and those involved in the food and beverage industries have things a lot easier. Modern refrigeration has been a boon for the food and beverage industry and the homeowners who need food chilled. And, of course, escape from the heat is another big reason to use air conditioning. Modern cooling techniques popular for the residential consumer include central air conditioning and the installation of heat pumps. Heat pumps can be used in the summertime to cool the house and in the wintertime to warm it. A-1 American Services have trained AC technicians that can help with your AC repair or installation. Give us a call 24/7 at  (757) 425-2400.

>To ensure your air conditioning system is operating at optimum efficiency or (E.O.C) we provide:

AC Repairs: Fixing all problems related to the cooling system’s motor, blower, evaporator, condenser, etc.

Air Flow: Related to problems with the cooling system’s ability to force air through the home

Air Handlers: When air handlers fail, circulation of air throughout the house ceases, due to a blower malfunction

Central Air Installation:/strong> Replacing noisy, drippy window AC units with efficient and quiet whole-house systems

Compressors: Vital to AC systems, compressors squeeze cooled liquids until they are hot, then release them

Condensers: Receives hot liquids from the compressor and starts evaporating the liquid into a gas

Evaporators: Finishes the cooling process, powered by the fans you see outside your home

Filters: Filters air that comes through the AC unit, keeping the coils clean

Freon Charge: An essential part of AC systems, this is the refrigerant that actually creates the cool air

Guarantees: We guarantee all our work. Period.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps usually pull heat out of the air and ground to warm, but can be reversed to cool a space

Repair Service on all Models: Our technicians are certified and proficient with working with all makes and models

Thermostats: The thermostat controls how much heat is produced by the furnace, and so is vital to the home

Troubleshooting: Our technicians will walk you step-by-step any difficulties answer any questions

You need an HVAC company you can depend on to show up without delay and quickly repair or install a new cooling system.

A-1 American provides air conditioning, heating and plumbing services, like Air Conditioning Repair & New Equipment Installation to homes and businesses in the Hampton Roads Virginia cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton and north into Williamsburg. A-1 American provides emergency service and repair, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. A-1 American charges by the job, not by the hour. A-1 American prides itself on immediate response, punctuality, courtesy and customer satisfaction. Call today 757-425-2400