Gas Water Heater Installation and Repair

Gas Water Heater InstallationA-1 American Services repairs and installs all makes and models of water heaters, including Gas Water Heaters.

With a gas water heater, you will need a source of natural gas or propane. If your house runs strictly on electric, then a gas water heater will only be an option if you have a gas line run and installed in your home. There are many benefits to a gas water heater such as energy and money savings. Besides gas water heaters, we offer other types of heaters. Which type of water heater is right for you?

A-1 American Services has the expertise you need for:

  • Gas Water heater installation
  • Gas Water heater repair

How it works:

A gas water heater feeds gas through a thermostat switch and control valve to a burner which heats the storage tank. Water is heated and then stored in the tank until it is needed.


  • Gas water heaters are more energy efficient than electric water heaters and can be Energy Star certified.
  • Over time the cost of energy used will only be about half of what it would cost to run an electric water heater.
  • They tend to have better insulation than electric water heaters which means the water doesn’t cool as quickly and this saves energy.
  • They generally heat water faster than electric water heaters.
  • A gas storage water heater will cost less than a tankless water heater.


  • The installation of a gas water heater is more expensive than for an electric water heater although less than a tankless water heater.
  • They require more space than electric water heaters because they require ventilation.

Features to consider:Repair of Gas Water Heater

  • You will want your gas water heater to have a large enough tank capacity to heat water for simultaneous household duties, but not too large of a tank that it will waste energy.
  • A high recovery rate water heater will heat up water faster and save energy.
  • Consider safety features like an automatic shut-off valve on a gas water heater, which will shut off the flow of gas if there is a sudden increase in gas flow, indicating a problem. Most gas water heaters also have Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance (FVIR) which will prevent fires if vapors from a flammable liquid such as gasoline contact the burner or pilot light.
  • Glass lined tanks reduce corrosion.
  • Brass drain valves are more durable than plastic drain valves.
  • The self-cleaning feature on a gas water heater reduces sediment build-up and prolongs the lifespan of the water heater.
  • A longer warranty is beneficial. Warranties can range from 3 to 12 years and the longer the warranty usually means the better the water heater. Longer warranty gas water heaters tend to have larger burners which heat up the tank more quickly, and they generally have better insulation.

Problems that occur with age and maintenance:

  • Because a gas water heater has a burner that heats the tank, there will be more wear and tear on the tank, and so it may have a shorter life span than an electric water heater.
  • They run the risk of tank failure. Maintaining your water heater will help prevent this by discovering problems before they escalate. If your water heater is leaking, call A-1 American Services immediately.
  • You will need to perform maintenance on your water heater yearly to keep the water heater working as efficiently as possible. Sediment will build up in the tank over time and will need to be flushed out. Other maintenance will be needed such as checking and replacing the anode rod when it wears down and testing the TPR valve.

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