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Water Heater Repair VA BeachThe Hampton Roads Area has a population of about 1.7 million people, making it the 37th largest metropolitan area in the United States. That means 1.7 million people rely on a working water heater to wash their clothes and dishes, take showers, and complete other countless tasks, every day. Our professional plumbers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and other surrounding areas in Hampton Roads are dedicated to servicing all areas, and the layout of our offices was designed with quick response time in mind for homes in all Hampton Roads regions.

We as homeowners often become complacent with this amazing technology and about tending to the maintenance of our water heaters, leading to units breaking before the factory has expected them to. We’re here to help you get your plumbing working again as soon as possible, no matter the size of the job, so you can get back to your comfortable daily routine. Be on the lookout for early warning signs that may save you from having to replace the entire water heater.

If you notice any of the following, call A-1 American Services to have your water heater repaired or serviced:

  • A small or large leak
  • Discoloration from a corroding tank
  • Knocking or popping sounds
  • A sudden increase in your energy bill.

A-1 American Services provides 24/7 emergency Water Heater Repair and Replacement service in Virginia Beach! Call 757-425-2400

A-1 American Services provides quality water heater repair and replacement services to residents of Southeastern Virginia. We rely on water heaters for our day-to-day functions from washing the dishes to taking hot showers. A-1 American Services technicians are expert hot water heater contractors that can repair or replace your home’s water heater day or night, whenever you need us the most. It makes sense to routinely give your water heater a “tune-up,” given the price tag on a brand new water heating unit. Check out our guide to water heater maintenance here.

A-1 American Services can repair or install any kind of water heater including:

Click on the links above to read the pros and cons of each kind of water heater.

A gas or electric water heater begins reaching the end of its lifespan after about 10 years. This is due to a host of factors, including the tremendous amount of pressure and heat introduced to the water moving through the system. You may be able to prolong its life by having it maintained annually. Tankless water heaters will also need to be serviced annually.

A-1 American Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for water heater services. From Virginia Beach, call 757-425-2400 for water heater repair and replacement.

A-1 American Services’ technicians are experts that will look for small problems before they become bigger ones. You don’t want your water heater storage tank to become a dam ready to burst and flood your home or garage. By simply replacing a thermostat or flushing the tank you can add years of life to your water heater. A water heater is not only crucial for heating fundamental aspects of the home (shower, dishwasher, etc.), but it is also a very expensive machine, one you would never want to replace if a regular check-up could save its life.

Besides being the driving force behind our daily routines of washing and cleaning, a well-maintained water heater can provide up 50 gallons of fresh water in case of emergency. In the Hampton Roads area, an emergency of this scale will most likely mean that a large hurricane has hit.

Click here for a Glossary of Terms for Water Heaters

With more than 3 million tourists a year, military bases, colleges and large industries, Virginia Beach is serviced by the Best of the Best in water heater contractors. Call A-1 American Services today at 757-425-2400.

A-1 American Services provides water heater repair & replacement in Virginia Beach, Virginia and the surrounding cities in Hampton Roads and north into Williamsburg.

Virginia Beach residents call today for water heater service and repair 757-425-2400

A-1 American Services is proud to be headquartered in Virginia Beach.

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