Water Heater Q&A’s

This page is intended to help guide the homeowner in all things water heater. From new purchases to advice on water heater repair, we attempt to address not necessarily the most frequently asked questions (we have a page for that, too) but instead some of the most important. Let’s get started.

Q: What is the most important thing I should know about maintaining my water heater?

A: A water heater is less maintenance-intense than many people think. A few simple steps will go far to ensure its prolonged lifespan. We begin

1) Insulation is a must. Your water heater (much like you) is sensitive to the outdoor temperature. Any large variance in indoor temperature, in a room such as your garage, will negatively effect the nature of the water heater. Cold spells will cause your water heater to (in a worst-case scenario) burst, causing massive flooding inside the garage, leading to rusted workbenches and tools, not to mention the need for a brand new water heater Virginia Beach. Things can get much worse if your water heater happens to be inside of your attic! Warm seasons can also negatively impact the functionality of your water heater. If it becomes too warm inside the room in which the water heater is kept, the risk level will not be as high, but the electric bill will! Warm weather effects the water heater’s ability to regulate the temperature of the liquid inside, thus making it a more difficult job, thus requiring it to absorb more electrical power to do its job.

Adding (or providing) insulation is relatively simple. Just go to your local mom & pop’s hardware store and pick up some of that pinkish, fluffy (stuff). Then dress your water heater in the newly purchased material.

2) Another important maintenance tip is to make sure that your water heater’s thermostat is set on an appropriate level. Too high? Your water may be appropriately warm extraordinarily quickly…but so will your electricity bill. Set too low? You may save quite a bit on your bill, but your wife will certainly let you have it when her bath is cold! So set it to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) Lastly, it is important to not set the water heater’s thermostat too low because it will be less effective at destroying hazardous bacteria such as Legionella.

3) Flushing the water heater’s contents once a month is highly advisable. Doing this does two important things:

3)a It prevents the bottom of the water heater from internal corrosion. Sediment build-up causes rust to form, which, over time, will cause the bottom of the water heater to disintegrate, leading to (you guessed it) massive flooding.

3) Believe it or not, in case of emergencies that cause massive power outages, you can actually drink that water in the water heater. Of course, no one wants to drink unclean water, so make sure the contents of the container are potable (drinkable).

4) We all make mistakes. In fact, even following the tips of this author will not ensure a water heater that’ll last forever. If (and when) the water heater somehow breaks down, call A-1 American Services as soon as you notice a problem. We are the premier new water heater Virginia Beach company that the locals trust.

Q: If my water heater leaks or bursts, what should I do?

A: Turn off the main water valve. Call your local utility company for help if you don’t where it is, they may be able to help. After the damage has been assessed, call a water restoration company Hampton Roads trusts if the damage is great. Whether the damage is small or great, you will need a Norfolk, Va water heater company, and you know who you can call (757) 425-2400 or e-mail.

Water Heater Q&A's

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