Water Line Replacement and Sewer Line Repair

Water Line Replacement in ShowerMost people rely on running water to and from the home for the daily use of washing dishes, cooking, gardening and showering. A functional plumbing system makes these possible. When a clog or break in the line interferes with your plumbing’s operation, it’s more than a mere annoyance. Your daily routine comes to a halt! The experts at A-1 American have the experience and know-how to to make water line repairs to restore the plumbing in your home.

Water Line Replacement Services

Gone are the days when water line repair or replacement meant digging up your entire yard or breaking through your driveway to get at the faulty pipe. The new method of trenchless water and sewer pipe replacement only requires digging two holes on each side of the damaged section of pipe. A section of replacement pipe is inserted in its place and reconnected. The old section of sewer pipe, which is typically made of clay, is broken up as the newer one takes its place.

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Another means of fixing an underground water line is to place a liner inside of an existing pipe. This liner seals any cracks and bypasses broken sections of the pipe by making a new interior wall inside of the pipe. Once the repairs are made, the restored section of pipe is then connected to the rest of the plumbing system.

Work involving sophisticated technology, such as video inspection technology and trenchless sewer replacement should be handled only by experienced professionals like A-1 American Services. We have completed hundreds of successful water line replacements over our 27 years in business. We service all of Hampton Roads, so whether you need quality Virginia Beach plumbers for a water line replacement at your oceanfront home, or you want the most experienced plumbers Newport News, VA, has to offer for your water and sewer line repair, we’re your team.

Video Inspection Technology

Identifying the location of your plumbing problem is now simplified by using a video inspection system. This state-of-the-art technology allows our plumbers to see inside the pipes themselves by sending a small camera and light inside of the pipes to survey the damaged area. When the obstruction is located, we can pin point the exact location of the work area so there will not be a massive excavation of your yard. Then after the sewer line repairs are made, we can once again lower the video system into the sewer line to observe the repairs directly.

Whenever a water line problem occurs, call us no matter what the day or time. To ensure that the flow of your water and sewer lines is unhindered, our plumbing technicians work diligently to get your plumbing up and running again. We serve Hampton Roads, VA, from Chesapeake to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach to Suffolk. Contact us today for an appointment. Emergency service is available without overtime charges.

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