Toilet Replacement and Repair Services

Toilet Replacement and RepairOlder toilets use too much water. If your toilet was manufactured before 1994, then you’re wasting water and paying a high water bill. These toilets use excess amounts of water, literally wasting thousands of gallons each year. The money you spend replacing your toilet will be recouped quickly. You don’t have to have a broken toilet to have it replaced, but we do handle cracked commodes, broken handles and non-flushable toilets. When you need toilet replacement or repair, we’ll come out promptly and fix your plumbing issue.

Although we’re based in Virginia Beach, A-1 American extends its quality plumbing services to the entire Hampton Roads area. When your toilet tank is leaking or clogged, you need the most experienced plumbers. That’s us. We’re just a phone call away. We have offices throughout the region, so we can be at your home quickly.

Today’s toilets use approximately 1.6 gallons per flush. Those manufactured before 1994 use up to 5 gallons per flush.

If you’re looking to cut costs in your utility bills, upgrading to a new toilet may help. Call A-1 American toilet repair service to install a more efficient model for your bathrooms. According to several studies, newer toilets save several gallons per flush. Still, you may be wondering How to Know When to Replace Your Toilet Plumbing. Click on the link to read more about why, and when, to replace it.

We Fix Your Toilet Plumbing

You can count on A-1 American to solve your bathroom plumbing issues right away.

Is your toilet constantly running? Many homeowners have trouble adjusting the toilet mechanism. The proper adjustments for the handle, flapper, floatation valve and refill valve mechanism can be confusing. You can count on our plumbers to set it right so your toilet won’t keep running.

What is the food coloring method to test for toilet problems? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you could be wasting more than 200 gallons of water a day on that leaky toilet. One thing homeowners can do to find the problem or leak is to try the food coloring method.

Likewise, if your toilet has a leaking tank or it flushes too slowly, a skilled plumber from A-1 American can fix that tank and increase the flushing pressure. When it’s time to replace it with a new water-efficient commode, we can connect it for you- saving you the time and hassle.

Our expert plumbers are available 24/7

We train our plumbing technicians to be prepared for any plumbing problem. A-1 American service trucks are equipped with a wide array of replacement parts and state-of-the-art tools for most makes and models of toilets. We happily return calls, even at night and on holidays. Call us for your toilet repair or replacement issues and the qualified, knowledgeable and friendly plumbers from Virginia Beach, Newport News and all areas of Hampton Roads that we send out will work hard and skillfully, and treat you with respect.

A-1 American Services provides toilet replacement and repair services to homes and businesses in the Hampton Roads, Virginia cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton and Williamsburg. We offer emergency service around the clock. A-1 American charges by the job, not by the hour. Call our office today at 757-425-2400. We’ll send out the closest available technician for prompt attention to your problem.