Rooter Drain Cleaning Service

Rooter Drain Cleaning Service

When you have a clogged sink or shower that won’t drain, call A-1 American to schedule a thorough rooter drain cleaning. Our experienced plumbing technicians will evaluate and clear the clog and have your plumbing fixtures functioning normally as soon as possible. Because we have offices throughout the Hampton Roads region, we can reach your particular city in no time. So if you have clogged main plumbing lines in your Virginia Beach or Newport News home, for example, we can dispatch some of the most experienced plumbers the area has to offer to complete your job quickly.

If main plumbing lines become backed-up in your home, the situation can quickly escalate into an emergency. Sewage can back up due to obstruction to main sewer lines. If that’s not gross enough, sinks and tubs can back up this way as well. If such an emergency occurs, don’t panic, but do take quick, decisive action. By calling A-1 American rooter service, you will rest easy knowing that our quality Hampton Roads plumbers are on their way to see the problem through to the end.

Common Causes of Plumbing Clogs

Check out this fun list of the top 5 craziest things found in clogged drains. Some amazing things can be found in clogged drains, from bath toys and towels to missing homework and permission slips. However, the most common materials that clog pipes and drains are:

  • Hair
  • Hard water build-up
  • Oil
  • Food particles
  • Dirt
  • Tree or shrub roots
  • Grease

How to Remove Your Drain Clogs

Chemical drain cleaners contain harsh ingredients that can damage your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly rely on liquid drain cleaners to clear clogs. You see, drain cleaners create chemical reactions between the solvent, or drain cleaner, and the compounds it’s dissolving, such as food or hair. These chemical reactions create large amounts of heat that can cause damage to your pipes. To minimize the risk of pipe disruption in your home, call A-1 American rooter service to clear obstructions with a manual drain rooter tool operated by an experienced, hard-working plumber.

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A-1 American has a Fully-Equipped Fleet

Each of A-1 American’s service trucks are outfitted with all of the necessary parts and tools to complete each job efficiently. Our plumbers have extensive experience working with top-of-the-line equipment, including drain snakes, rooters and hydro jetters.

A-1 American Offers Flexible Service Schedules

Need drain rooter services right away? A-1 American plumbers are available seven days a week for on-demand service. We Need drain rooter services right away? A-1 American plumbers are available seven days a week for on-demand service. We understand that you’re busy and don’t have time to wait around, which is why A-1 American guarantees our team is prompt and efficient.

A-1 American provides rooter drain cleaning, as well as emergency plumbing, heating and HVAC services throughout the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. This includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Williamsburg. We have technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond quickly and courteously to provide complete customer satisfaction. Call 757-425-2400 today.