Plumbing Q&A’s

This page is intended to help guide the homeowner in all things plumbing. From new purchases to advice on plumbing repair, we attempt to address not necessarily the most frequently asked questions (we have a page for that, too) but instead some of the most important. Let’s get started.

Q: My plumbing is having problems. To whom should I turn for a solution?

A: In our opinion, A-1 American Services. You next question: why? Next answer: because actions speak louder than words, and our service record speaks for itself. To harp on something we have said again and again, we have over 25 years of experience. Whether it’s a clogged drain in Norfolk, an impotent shower-head (not providing the pressure you want) or something else, we’ve got you covered 24/7. You make the call if you want it fixed the right way the first time. (757) 425-2400. Or contact us via e-mail by clicking the link.

Q: Are there things I can do myself to fix the problem more cheaply?

A: Absolutely. Check out our blog on the subject. For more complicated plumbing issues: be careful. You may end up causing a burst water pipe or another factor which contributes to severe flooding and thus vastly expensive clean-up (water damage is not a joke). A-1 American Services provides 24/7 emergency plumbing in Newport News,Va for residents experiencing these worst-case scenarios.

Q: If I want to add extensions to my home (add-ons), should I just go ahead with them, call MISS UTILITY, or what?

A: If you’re a master carpenter, I’d say go for it (provided you have the plumbing blueprints). Calling Miss Utility is mostly of help only when you’re considering to add sub-floors, wells, etc. A technician from A-1 American can help you analyze your plumbing situation, and therefore make it easier for you to move on with your individual project.

Q: I enjoy working with my hands and helping people solve problems. How can I become a plumber?

A: There are certifications and classes to be taken; it takes hard work to become qualified. Once you’ve learned the basics of the trade, A-1 American Services is always looking to hire great people. Click here for contact information…we hope to see you soon!

Plumbing Q&A's

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