Weatherization Solutions

Ask any professional plumber, and they’ll tell you that although a building appears to be a solid, closed and sealed structure, it’s actually filled with hidden holes and gaps that allow air to pass between the outside and inside. This airflow is called infiltration. It can be found around such places as cabinets, doors and light fixtures, but there is a solution. Weatherization is the process of proofing your home, multi-family complex or commercial property against the weather. You can also Go Green by reducing your energy bills with a few different techniques that make your living space more energy efficient. Implementing weatherization ideas creates an array of energy, economic and environmental benefits for families and communities. It even reduces national energy consumption and curbs the demand for imported oil.

A cozy and comfortable house with lower energy bills is the goal of most homeowner and potential property buyers. At A-1 American, we’re experts at performing insulation and air sealing, replacing inefficient refrigerators and putting in energy-efficient light bulbs, and installing water heater jackets, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. For building owners who want to achieve even deeper energy and cost savings, A-1 American specializes in recommending comprehensive building solutions.

Here are a few weatherization tips that you can try at home.


  • Install storm windows to keep out drafts of cold air during the winter. You can caulk and weather strip them as well to help save money on your bill for heating and air in Newport News.
  • Use sheets, blankets, newspapers, or even old T-shirts and magazines to fill in the nooks and crannies that you feel let air out of or into your home. This has an immediate effect, and it won’t cost you any money.
  • Repair any screens with holes in them and make sure that every window has a screen installed so you can open up the windows open during those beautiful summer days. Cool your air naturally without raising your monthly bills.
  • Remove any window air conditioner units during the months that they won’t be in use and close the window so that unnecessary air isn’t escaping through nooks and crannies. Those little bouts of escaping air add up when they’re multiplied.
  • Make good use of your window shades. They keep the sun out of your home during the day and the warmth inside your home at night. During winter days, open your shades and make sure that you have a routine of closing them in the evening when the sun goes down.


  • Simply placing T-shirts and towels at the bottom crack of your door during those cold winter nights can diminish the breeze trying to sneak in through those cracks. It’s surprising how much air leaks in through the bottom of the door.
  • Repair all holes in the screen of your front and back door or replace the unit entirely. This way, you can always open the door along with the windows during warm summer days to create a crossflow of air.


  • Placing Styrofoam in your attic can make a big difference in stopping the heat from escaping your roof. Spreading blankets, old coolers or packing materials around your attic serves as extra insulation. You won’t have to purchase an entirely new system for HVAC in your Virginia Beach or Chesapeake home.

Contact A-1 American today to schedule weatherization services for your home. We have offices throughout the Hampton Roads region, including Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Hampton and Newport News.