Ductless AC – Split Level Air Conditioning

Central heat and air conditioning appeals to many homeowners because of its ability to cool the entire house simultaneously, not requiring the homeowner to waste time with window units’ slow cooling time. Central air conditioning is also much cheaper than inefficient window units, saving people money in the long run. Lastly, it provides a measure of air quality control, with many air filters covering its vents.

These air filters should be changed every 30-60 days. If you have pets, then replace them even more often. However, installing new central air conditioners can be a very costly project, and for this reason and others, homeowners are more and more frequently opting for ductless, or split level air conditioning systems:

Ductless AC Systems - Split Level Air Conditioning
The advantages of ductless, or split level AC systems are numerous:

  • Duct networks are very difficult to install properly. Unless you trust your work to a quality HVAC contractor such as A-1 American Services, there may be leaks in your duct work, costing your family comfort and money.
  • Duct networks take up lots of space in your home, in places like the basement, garage or attic.
  • Ductless can match the output and energy efficiency of central air if the right model is chosen

You have probably seen a split level AC unit outside a neighbor’s home; it’s usually much flatter and thus smaller than conventional AC blowers. The indoor unit(s) comprise the other half of split level systems, and can be mounted on an indoor wall, ceiling, or you can leave it on your floor. Indoor units, especially newer models, look very sleek and stylish and would certainly not be an eye sore. For more specific information on split level AC systems, please visit this informative website.

The reason split level AC systems are called ductless is because they use a series of piping, instead of duct work, to supply cool air to the home. This results in needing less A/C repairs over the lifespan of the system, because duct work often needs to be repaired or replaced, while piping, because of the strength of the metals used to craft the pipes.

While we try our best to get our service technicians to your home as quickly as possible, we understand that waiting for him or her inside a hot home is no fun. That’s why we’ve developed our Guide to Staying Cool Until A-1 Arrives, a short article highlighting quick, simple ways to stay cool during our sweltering summers.

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