Air Handlers and A/C Coils

Example Air Handlers

Air handlers connect to the ductwork in your home, and their main function is to used to circulate and cool the air inside your house as part of your HVAC system such as central air conditioning. An air handler consists of a blower, cooling elements, filter racks, and dampers, and is essential to efficiency of your cooling system and to the quality of air that your family receives. Air handlers often need more maintenance than other parts of your AC system because of how much work they do. Have the most experienced heating and air conditioning technicians is vital to the longevity of your entire system. This is what your air handler looks like in case you’ve never seen one of these in your backyard all these years:

The Most Common Problems Homeowners Have With Their Air Handlers Involve:

  • Clogged or dirty air filters inside the home. These can be purchased relatively cheaply at your local hardware store. A-1 American Services recommends changing your vents’ air filters every 30-60 days, which will improve air quality and air conditioning throughout the home.
  • Failure in the blower motor, that big fan inside your air handler, can actually cause the entire AC system to fail. If this problem occurs, you’ll find a high quality A/C repair company in A-1 American Services. Our technicians recommend regular removal of debris, such as sticks and leaves, even dust from inside and near the blower motor, to prevent the need for repairs.
  • Frozen evaporator coils lead to a lack of air conditioning output, and can even cause damage to the compressor. All of these problems can cause a larger bill each month, and in addition will provide unclean air to your home and family:

The Coils in Your A/C System Weren’t Meant to Last Forever

While you may be familiar with your home’s air handler because of its size and its relatively noisy nature, you may not be quite as familiar with the evaporator coils in your air conditioning system. As air passes through the air handler, humidity is removed from the air. Humidity is that wet, muggy feeling in the hot summer air, brought about by the moisture being held inside the air. By using a system of condensed liquids, including refrigerants like Freon, evaporator coils cool the warm air, causing the air to release its water, thus de-humidifying your home’s air, serving a vital role in the the home’s heating and cooling systems. When your evaporator coils break or are in need of repair, call the trusted, high quality HVAC company with 27 years of experience, A-1 American Services. Give us a call today at (757) 425-2400 or contact us using this form.

The main problems that we see with evaporator coils include blockage to or from the coils, and evaporator coils becoming frozen. In the event of blockage, A-1 American Services deploys heating and air professionals to clean the evaporator coils with brushes using chemical cleaners. This removes debris ranging from grime to such things as plant life, which has been known to work its way into the coils. We also use specialized materials to straighten the evaporator coil’s fins. The other main complaint with evaporator coils is that they can become frozen. Our technicians have the materials and expertise to remove this ice safely, as well as prevent it from coming back.

Cleaning AC Coils

For more information on maintenance tips you can perform to prolong the life and functionality of your home’s HVAC system, check out our article on the subject. A-1 American Services has proudly been providing its customers across the Hampton Roads region with experienced, hard-working, friendly technicians for their HVAC installations and repairs for over 27 years. Trust A-1 American Services for your next project.

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